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Intro: Joe Montgomery believes that the goal of Music Education centers upon the development of musicality, or music responsiveness. The basic task is to promote a response to music in terms of its melodic, rhythmic and harmonic properties. This provides the music student with a working criteria to help develop an ear for all types of music. This ear should be decisive in terms of the development of taste and discrimination.
Joe Montgomery fully utilizes the four major points of the California and National Frameworks for Visual and Performing Arts in all levels of his teaching. These 5 points are: Artistic, Creative Expression, Historical, Cultural Context, and Aesthetic Valuing!

In his vocal music classes and with his private studio students, Joe Montgomery's goal is to utilize the Framework's guidelines to help his students develop comprehensive musicianship. This includes the experimental and interpretive study of the conversion of "symbol to sound concepts" and "sound to symbol concepts."

Music is the universal language of the world's people. An individual who appreciates and understands music has the background to develop into a culturally literate person. Such a person can be best prepared to become a positive contributor to the environment in which he functions. His contributions may be philanthropic, participatory or simply made through music.
Joe Montgomery is a member of the professional teacher's unions, the National Education Association, the California Education Association and the local affiliate, the Antelope Valley Teacher's Association.


College Instructor: Joe Montgomery is a successful post-secondary Performing Arts educator. He is the former Assistant Conductor of the Antelope Valley Master Chorale, an affiliate of Antelope Valley College. He filled this position for thirteen years. He is bass section leader. He has conducted the Chorale with Symphony many times in concert and is frequently a featured soloist. He is a member of the College Music Society and the Department of Fine, Performing and Media Arts Professional Development (FLEX). He has fully enjoyed teaching at the college level. He finds the needs of post-secondary students refreshing after years of teaching high school.

Joe Montgomery is fully knowledgeable of the curriculum that would logically follow in a post-secondary or junior college setting. He has experience for the integration of beginning music and theatre students into more advanced Performing Arts Programs. He has the knowledge and skills to build, implement and polish the Junior College class offerings in music and theatre. He has the knowledge and past experience to write and re-vamp curriculum that would enhance and create a successful College Performing Arts Program. His knowledge and utilization of the National Standards for Visual and Performing Arts would be incorporated into any new class offerings he would create and implement.

Joe has now retired from college and public school teaching.


High School Instructor: Joe Montgomery has participated successfully in many aspects of high school music education, both vocal and instrumental, as well as theatre education. He has utilized his education, experience and familiarity with the National and California Standards for Visual and Performing Arts to write three Vocal Music curricula: Mixed Chorus, Vocal Ensemble and Concert Choir, which were unanimously accepted by the school board and the community for implementation.

In addition, he co-authored four levels of Drama curricula: Introduction to Drama, Beginning Drama, Intermediate Drama and Advanced Drama, which were also immediately adopted and implemented. Under his direction, the Performing Arts program at Highland High School was varied, involved hundreds of students and had exacting performance standards. While at the Highland program, which he initiated, he was nominated to Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 1998.

Joe Montgomery was also the Director of the "World Famous" Hollywood High School's Marching Band. When he arrived, the band was bedraggled, with no uniforms to speak of and barely any functioning instruments. They had been ostracized from the Hollywood Christmas Parade for many years. This was embarrassing to the students, the school as a whole and the community. Before Joe Montgomery left Hollywood High, they were once again back in the internationally televised Hollywood Parade. The HHS Band reached Parade Standards with a Dance Team, Shield Team, Rifle (ROTC) Team, Drill Team, both tall and short Flag Teams, and the band itself.

As can be seen, Joe Montgomery is a performing arts educator who is definitely an innovator and a program builder. He has designed, implemented and promoted several programs to benefit the students and increase their self-concept and self-esteem. These programs also develop esprit de corps, life-long friends, and job skills such as teamwork. As high school administrators are fond of saying, create "Snapshot Moments," which provide happy and glorious moments in the educational memory of the students, their parents and the community. Joe does that!




Philanthropic: Philanthropy is an important part of who Joe Montgomery is. He seeks to promote the elevation of mankind and happiness. Donations are made and participation in projects, philanthropic in nature continue. He directs his efforts to specific charities, civic, educational, cultural, community and corporate. Through these works, he seeks to mitigate social evils, which surround our world and our societies today. As a member of the human race, Joe Montgomery is concerned with the future of generations to come.

He formerly served as vice president for Opera Works board of directors and served on the board of directors for Desert Opera Theatre.

He currently serves as Vice President of Opera Associates in Los Angeles, is a member of the Metropolitan Committee, and the Los Angeles Opera League.



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