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Intro: Joe has a Master of Arts, and hands-on experience in acting, singing and dancing. He has knowledge of acting skills, a grasp of dramatic literature, the ability to teach and the ability to see the "whole picture." He has excellent verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to critique actors and actresses constructively. He is a humane person, interested in the message of the piece, and works well with individual performers as well as ensembles. Joe has a passion for his craft and great enthusiasm for every dramatic project which is obvious to everyone with whom he is in contact.

His dimeanor is often discribed as hardworking, adventurous, assured, artful, dynamic, and diplomatic.

Drama: Joe Montgomery has over 20 drama directing credits. His experience is varied. He has directed the comedies of William Shakespeare, period pieces, American classics, and contemporary favorites. He has a "no-nonsense", "every minute counts" directing style which produces a well-disciplined, well-oiled acting ensemble to perform the show. Throughout the years Joe has used his knowledge of theatre and dramatic literature, stage craft, lighting, theatre traditions, and his ability to create synergistic, polished performances - all done with patience - to create entertaining stage productions for all audiences and a feeling of pleasure from a job well-done from the actors. His minor for his Masters Degree was in Theatre. He is a member of Actors Equity Association, and SAG/AFTRA.



Musical Comedy: Joe Montgomery has directed over 8 musical comedies. His credits include The Wiz, Grease!, The Fantasticks, The Music Man, Bye-Bye Birdie, and Babes In Toyland. Well-grounded in musical performance and theatre, this performance genre is one of Joe's favorites. He utilizes all of his talents directing Musical Comedy. At times he serves as stage director, musical conductor, choral conductor, etc., etc. However, the hands-on approach in all areas seems to suit him. His comic style includes perfect timing, a creative sense of humor and the ability to include suggestions of singers/actors into his direction. He truly enjoys the collaborative effort with other members of the production staff, musicians, actors, singers and dancers. Joe Montgomery has a Masters Degree in Music and has much performance experience in many Musical Comedies himself. He is a member of Actor's Equity Association (Equity) and the American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA).


Musical Revues: Joe Montgomery has directed many Musical Revues. This fast-paced musical medium allows him to utilize his many skills in one performance venue. His performers must sing and dance at the same time, which requires special skills and an experienced Director. First the performers learn the music, then the choreography, then back to the music with the addition of the dance. His performances are very dynamic and a favorite with audiences. Wheather it's a Christmas show, Broadway medlegs, or patriotic spectaculars, Joe can make it happen.


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