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Intro: Joe Montgomery conducts professionally. He has conducted Opera, Musical Theatre, Choral Groups, Vocal Ensembles, Orchestra, Band, Marching Band, Musical Revues, Church and Children's choirs. He has a dynamic conducting style which facilitates communication with all participants of the musical group. He maintains a quick rehearsal pace, with a friendly style. His approach is both positive and well-disciplined. He stresses the team concept of group musical performance, which translates easily into any work force, musical or not. He conducted the "World Famous" Hollywood High School Marching Band and is credited for bringing them back to the nationally televised Hollywood Christmas Parade after an absence of eight years. He has conducted at Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl. Joe Montgomery is well-trained as a conductor, and has a Masters Degree in Music.


Musical Comedy: Joe Montgomery has conducted Musical Comedies for many years. It is one of his favorite mediums. His goal is to always prepare the orchestra and singers for the finest performances they are capable of presenting. He knows how to communicate musical thoughts and ideas not only verbally during rehearsals, but also through his body movements while involved in a performance. He belongs to the American Guild of Music Artists and is a very proficient conductor, dedicated to the musicians and artists with whom he works.

He is a hardworking, energetic, articulate, and enthusiastic.


Chorale: Joe Montgomery is former Assistant Conductor of the Antelope Valley Master Chorale, a position he held for many years. He has conducted the Master Chorale in Performance and Rehearsal. This group is comprised of Junior College students as well as adult community members. All possess certain choral music skills and a strong desire to perform. Joe is a strong leader and a cooperative team member. He enjoys working with a group with such musical sophistication; they challenge him.

He has conducted at New York's famed Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl.

In addition, Joe has conducted Liturgical Adult Singers, high school students in a variety of choral groupings, as well as younger students. He has a strong esprit de corps that is necessary when working with high school students. He motivates his students because he makes rehearsals enjoyable but disciplined. Church Choirs demand an equally exacting Choral Director, but one who can also pray with his group to encourage and inspire them. Joe Montgomery has conducted a variety of Church Choirs in the L.A. area. He has conducted at Lancaster Methodist Church, Palmdale Methodist Church, Burbank Baptist Church and True Light Chinese Presbyterian Church. He has had the unique experience of conducting a choir and congregation that was multi-lingual. Half sang in English and the other half sang in Cantonese, all at the same time, all on the same line and note. Joe Montgomery has a Master's in Music and much experience as a Choral Conductor, as well as a participant in many choral groups, as well.



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