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Intro: Joe Montgomery has acted in a wide variety of theatre venues. He has performed in Stage productions, Television, Film and the interactive performance art form, Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre as web as webisodes. He holds membership in the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG), and Actors Equity Association. American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Joe has excellent vocal articulation and projection, good stage presence and a great deal of poise. He has a Master of Arts Degree and has studied at CBS in The Film Industry Workshop. He has steadily added special skills to the good training received as an actor. His acting versatility has allowed him to portray a broad array of many different character types, from Days of Our Lives to Evening Shade, and Wings.

He is a can-do person, ambitions, and hard working. He has studied voice over with Talent Agent, Vanessa Gilbert and David Vincent at the Directors Playhouse. Whether it's animation, video games, promos/trailers, Joe, has a voice to fit your needs.

TV / Film: Joe Montgomery's Master of Arts degree encompassed many performing arts venues, such as music, conducting, acting and singing. It did not, however, cover "Acting for Film." Joe took the Film Industry Workshop at CBS to increase his acting skill level and add another dimension to his career in Performing Arts. He has performed in such TV and film projects as The Man Who Fell To Earth, Days of Our Lives, Evening Shade, Wings, Can You Hear the Laughter, and a broad spectrum of others. He holds professional membership in the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG), American Federation of Television, and Radio Artists (AFTRA).



Commercials: Joe Montgomery has done TV commercials. He has also done voice-overs where he is most valued for his rich, flexible speaking voice. Additionally, he has done print work for Seiko watches. His formal training didn't cover "Acting for Commercials," so he sought enrichment training from the Tepper/Gallegos Commercials Workshop in Hollywood. With his excellent ability to create characters on stage both visually and vocally, he is considered frequently for print and voice-overs. This professional skill of characterization serves well for television commercials as well. If you need a euphonious voice or something elequent or authoritative, Joe is your man.



Voice Over: Keeping up on commercial trends is important. "Listen to what's out there and be up on the current trends of the reads." Don't fast-forward through the commercials on TiVo, but actually listen to them. Be up on technology. I have my own home studio. If it's pilot season and I can't get in to audition for voice over copy, then I can MP3 it for my house! You have to stay ahead of the game.

"Animators unusually have a concrete idea of that they want the character to look like and sound like." They actually have drawings and character descriptions which are very detailed before they have people audition.

You go back to your childhood memories of how that character would sound like from movies. Now very few people would actually sound like that. The only times when you do have to create something new is when there is a character who is new, like an alien. As that point you just have to make something up. The acting challenges are different from on - camera. You don't have to worry about going too far or being too extreme.

In video games, providing the sounds for the violent world of interactive play can be demanding. "It's the closest thing to 'real' acting, because a lot of these games, even if they're very violent, they're very dramatic." They play out more like an action fantasy picture then something goofy. We get shot, stabbed, set on fire. There is a lot of drama and emotion in the battle sequences, and you have to get yourself to an emotionally ugly place very quickly.

From an acting stand point, you have to be ready when the director says, "your arm just got blown off," and react accordingly, or you have to imagine what your emotional state might be like if you were in the same outer-space scenario.

Whether for animation, commercials, trailers, or video games, strong choices are paramount. "It's not so much your voice; it's about your read." We all have a piano with our voices, but if you're going to play that piano in a way that fits the point of view that's being hired."


Webisodes: A webisode is an episode of a series that is distributed as web television. It is available as either for download or in streaming, as opposed to first airing on broadcast or cable television. The format can be used as a preview, a promotion, as a part of a collection of short, or a commercial. A webisode may or may not have been broadcast on TV. What defines it is its online distribution on the web, or through video sharing web site such as Vimeo or YouTube. While there is no set standard for length, most webisodes are relatively short ranging from 3 - 15 minutes in length. It is a single web episode, but collectivity is part of a web series a form call web television that characteristically features a dramatic, serial storyline where the primary method of viewership is streaming online over the internet.


Stage: Joe Montgomery has been acting for nearly 30 years. He has performed in a wide variety of theatre venues. Joe has excellent vocal articulation, projects extremely well, has good stage presence and a great deal of poise. His Minor at University was theatre. He has performed in many Stage productions. He holds membership in the JAG/AFTRA and Actor's Equity Association (Equity). He is versatile and extremely good at creating a broad array of believable characters, not caricatures. A sample of his roles include Play It Again Sam - Andy, Darkness at Noon - Judge, Catch Me If You Can - Danny Corbin, and The Tiger and the Typist - John.

His reputation is friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, and generous.



Murder Mystery: Joe Montgomery combines many of his performance skills and talents to perform in this venue. It is basically, improvisational theatre with a plot, that includes audience involvement. He thinks clearly and creatively on his feet, no matter what the other actor (audience member) has to say. He remains in character and is sure to inject appropriate clues and information into the improvisation. He has been "murdered" twice in this performance venue. Once he was garroted with a piano wire and slung over a bathtub. At another occasion he was killed with a meat cleaver, sprawled out with a diamond necklace in his hand. Joe enjoys this venue of theatre because it is a challenge. It demands "instant cover," excellent story telling and acting skills, all while mingling with the audience convincingly while eating.

If he needs to be underhanded, lively, engaging, mesmerizing, skillful, or stimulating, Joe can make it happen.



Model: There is print-work modeling, fashion, catalogue, runway, fitness, show-room, fit-model, bathing suit, body part, editorial, commercial, and the ever coveted "cologne companies".

Modeling agencies, and clients alike prefer their models to be between 6'0" and 6'2" and boast a 40 regular suit size. However with that said, there are plenty of exception to that rule. There are lots of markets (e.g. print work) where the not so tall model can thrive. Misconception number three; you have to be skinny - false! Once again for some god-knows reason modeling agencies and their clients prefer almost sickly looking models! And once again there are plenty of exception to the rule as well, in fact. I myself am a "big" example of one - literally. I leave it to you to determine which category I fall into. I invite you to look at my portfolio.

Height 6'2"
Weight: 210
Hair: Lt. Brown
Eyes: Brown
  Suit: 44L
Shirt: 17/36
Slacks: 36/32
Hat: 7 7/8th



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