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Behind those glasses lurks the many talented faces and aspects of Hollywood Joe Montgomery. This is his personal website designed to introduce Joe to you in a user-friendly format, based on your needs.

Need an actor? Joe is one. Need an opera singer? Joe is one of those too. Want a stage or musical director? Joe is that too. He's also an orchestral conductor, soloist, choral conductor, producer and to top it all off, he's an experienced educator too!

Why Hollywood Joe? Joe was credited for bringing the "World Famous Hollywood High School Sheik Marching Band" back into the Nationally Televised Hollywood Christmas Parade, after an absence of eight years. This was no mean feat. It took involvement and support from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Michael Kellerman, Hollywood Starline bus tours, Paramount Studios, the businessmen of Hollywood and Herb Alpert. His strong leadership resulted in an energetic and ambitious campaign. With a friendly and diplomatic approach, his strong leadership resulted in an energetic and ambitious campaign. The community wanted this.. The crowd roared when the band turned the corner of Sunset Boulevard onto Highland with a marching unit of 101. They said he was the one. Hollywood Joe. The name stuck. The band consequentially marched in the Desert Storm parade, proformed for numerous Walk of Fame Star Dedications, was featured on the cover of Mademoiselle Magazine, did a Renult car commercial and performed on two network television series, Evening Shade and Wings.

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